We are five Emerge Docs from St Catharines, Ontario

We believe that change is good, for there is no progress without change. We believe that we should spearhead change and progress for the benefit of our patients first, and our colleagues second.

This is our website on which we keep our resources. These are tools for our use as emerge docs. They are not for the public. The website is open, but use anything you find here with a critical mind.

Regards (in order of contribution)

Rafi Setrak
Tim St Amand
Adrian Crowe
Doris Wiens
Suzanne Van Essen

Disclaimer: The information on this site is purely for information purposes and do not substitute for clinical judgment. It is intended to inform physicians only. We cannot be held liable for any result from your use of this material. In no way does the use of this material initiate a therapeutic or professional relationship between the authors or editors and other party. Ours is a very litigious society. If you cannot take responsibility for your action, please do not read or visit this website.

Some of Rafi’s Recipes...
Liver, Yemeni Style
Salmon in curry bechamel
Shrimp Noodles
Stuffing for turkey, lamb or pork
The Perfect Turkey
Beet Salad