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Informational Documents
Clinical Decision Rules, a useful collection
E420 ISS Calculation
Head Injury, Pediatric
Procedural Sedation Record
Transfer of Care Tool (ISBAR)

NHS Referral Forms:
General Referral Form
Paediatrics Consultation Bridge Call
Referral, Acute Internal Medicine Clinic--AIM Clinic (GIMRAC)
Referral, Asthma Clinic
Referral, Cardiology Rapid Assessment Clinic (CRAC) (all cases discussed with Cardiologist on call 24/7 for triage)
Referral, Early Pregnancy Assessment Clinic (EPAC)
Referral, Fracture Clinic SCS
Referral, Lung Diagnostic Clinic (LDAP)
Referral, Malignant Pleural Effusion (Pleurex) Clinic
Referral, Paediatric Rapid Assessment Clinic (PRAC)
Referral, South Niagara Paediatric Rapid Clinic (PRAC-SOUTH)
Referral, Psychiatric Centralized Access (CAPS) (ED: P1-2)
Referral, Rapid Addictions Medicine Clinic (RAAM)
Referral Stroke Clinic / Neurology, GNGH

External Referral Forms:
Referral, Cardiology Assoc. of Niagara (Kotrec, Alaamri, Hameed, Bojcevski)
Referral, Dr R Al-Dabbagh (Gastroenterology & Hepatology)
Referral, Dr S Chiew (cardiologist)
Referral, Dr K Dalziel (Sports Medicine)
Referral, Dr A Delrue (Diabetes Niagara)
Referral, Dr O Garani (Cardiologist)
Referral, Dr G Gill (internal Medicine/Cardiology Niagara Falls)
Referral, Dr A Hasany (Respirologist + Sleep Medicine)
Referral, Dr V Jain (Immunologist)
Referral, Dr M Jany (Respirologist)
Referral Dr S Kim (Internal Medicine)
Referral, Dr N Maharaj (Respirology)
Referral, Dr F Masood (Internal Medicine)
Referral, Dr M Mitar (Respirology)
Referral, Dr R Pratt (Allergy & Immunology)
Referral (Script), Niagara Orthotics

(CT-PDSA test-Not for regular use)